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_viewIterator Struct Reference

The means to iterate through a view. More...

#include <viewiterator.h>

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Public Attributes

size_t vPos
size_t chunkSize
unsigned int ntuple
unsigned int ituple
unsigned int ituplePos
unsigned int itupleEnd
char * segAddr

Detailed Description

The means to iterate through a view.

Member Data Documentation

size_t _viewIterator::chunkSize

The default chunk size to get each time.

unsigned int _viewIterator::ituple

The current tuple index we are using.

unsigned int _viewIterator::itupleEnd

The end index of the current tuple.

unsigned int _viewIterator::ituplePos

The index within the tuple we are using.

ListNode* _viewIterator::lnode

The current Listnode (tuple) address we are using.

unsigned int _viewIterator::ntuple

The number of tuples in this view.

char* _viewIterator::segAddr

The current segment address value.

View* _viewIterator::view

A pointer to the view we are iterating throug.

size_t _viewIterator::vPos

Our current position in the view.

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